Join Team ELIA Wellness at City2Surf 2024

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As the buzz for City2Surf 2024 builds, we are calling on our community of supporters, wellness enthusiasts, and kind-hearted champions to prepare for an event that's more than just a run - a powerful movement for change.

Why City2Surf? Why ELIA Wellness?

City2Surf isn't just Sydney's premier road running event; it's a vibrant celebration of community spirit, individual effort, and the collective desire to make a difference. Spanning 14 kilometres from the city's heart to the stunning Bondi Beach, it embodies the spirit of challenge, camaraderie, and charity.

By running or walking with Team ELIA Wellness, you're taking a step towards empowering individuals and communities to achieve whole-person health. Our mission is deeply rooted in the belief that wellness transcends physical wellness, embracing emotional, social, vocational, spiritual, intellectual, and environmental wellness.

The Time to Act Is Now

While the event details and the signup process will officially launch in the first week of April, the journey begins today. This is the perfect time to start gearing up - physically, mentally, and spiritually - for what promises to be a transformative experience.

How to Get Involved

  1. Mark Your Calendar: Circle the first week of April on your calendar for the official launch of City2Surf 2024 registration and details on how to join Team ELIA Wellness.
  2. Start Training: Whether you are planning to run, jog, or walk, begin your training journey now. Embrace the wholistic approach to wellness by preparing physically and in all aspects of health.
  3. Spread the Word: Share your intention to participate with friends, family, and colleagues. Please encourage them to join you in supporting ELIA Wellness and fostering a team spirit that will amplify our collective impact.
    Why Every Step Matters

Each participant in City2Surf for ELIA Wellness is a beacon of hope, highlighting the importance of whole-person health and the power of community action. Your participation, fundraising, and spirit contribute to a cause that touches lives, transforming our approach to health and wellness.

Register your team here

Together, we'll make every step, every dollar, and every heartbeat counts for whole-person health.

Let's gear up for good. Let's run, walk, and make a difference with every stride. Team ELIA Wellness awaits your energy, enthusiasm, and unwavering support. See you at the starting line!

Support ELIA Wellness by raising funds for our health promotion activities by participating in the City2Surf

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